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Venue For Private Parties

Congratulations on Having a Reason to Find a Corporate Parties Venue! We Look Forward to Helping You Celebrate Your Success

If you are looking for a quality corporate parties venue it means that your business is likely doing well and you want to reward your employees and friends of the business with a team-building party. Congratulations on getting to this point!

We have the facilities to allow you to host your corporate party no matter the size or scope of your plans. You can gather on the beautiful red sands, dance beneath the clear pristine stars, or team build across our 600 acres. There are photo worthy locations everywhere on our grounds including at the waterfall and across the many interesting buildings that are used as part of our bed and breakfast and as part of many film and music video sets. Come check out the grounds and start planning with a venue who is as eager to celebrate your success as you are.

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