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(if coming out from Alice Springs township)


Travel out through the Heavitree Gap and head towards the airport.

After the cemetery you will see a turn off to the right, which is the South Stuart Hwy to Adelaide.  DON’T turn here but take the next road on the right. (it is on the bend in the road) and there is a big sign with OORAMINNA STATION HOMESTEAD on the top – Maryvale Road. (DO NOT get to the airport, if you do turn around!)


Turn down the Maryvale road which is also sign posted to Chambers Pillar, and you will follow a sealed road South for 23km, then turn left towards a large steel gate. There is an Ooraminna Station sign on a rock and a Welcome to Ooraminna Station sign near the gate. 

 The gate is closed to secure livestock inside the property. It is NOT locked.  Please go through the gate and shut the gate behind you. The 4km access road is UNSEALED but only requires 4WD if wet. You may be lucky enough to see our cows and calves and our new Black Angus Stud Bull called Douglas. The horses and foals are also running around. Please drive slowly and be careful of the livestock on the road. 

Go over the grid through the gate, close the gate behind you, and follow the sandy dirt road for about 4 km, you then go over the next grid between 2 giant posts, past a drum on the left -there is a turn off left BUT DON’T TAKE THAT. You go straight ahead past the movie set (township) and the big RED SHED (open sides) – at the end of the RED SHED turn left and run along this road until the end, (first turn left goes into campground, second turn goes to the LOG CABIN and third left takes you to the homestead.)

You will see the homestead nestled at the foot of the hill.  Come on up and park –Scruffy the giant deer hound may greet you as a welcome. She is very big, and very friendly! 

See you then!

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