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Venue For Private Parties

Are You Looking for a Venue With a Restaurant? We Offer That and More

If you are searching for a venue with a Restaurant why not choose one that is also a famous movie set, home to many music videos, offers the best of the outback, and has a quality restaurant with occasional live music to boot?
The Ooraminna's Homestead Restaurant is well-rated for its Australian cuisine and it, as well as the venue it is located at, offer a rich history for guests to enjoy. The ambiance cannot be beat and the venue has been satisfactory for corporate events, weddings, retreats, honeymoons, birthday parties and so much more. If you are looking for a venue for your next event that has an on-site restaurant come by and check out all we have to offer here at the Ooraminna Homestead. We host events for all types of situations so be sure to ask how we can help you plan.

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